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The AtomicWorkers™ Advocacy Group are the experts in our field.  We've successfully handled over 1,800 claims for former civilian workers and their families from the Rocky Flats, Pacific Proving Grounds, Nevada Test Site, DOE/AEC National Labs including Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore,  Sandia ABQ, Brookhaven, Savannah River, Hanford and other DOE facilities.

We offer Professional Claim Management Services; We specialize in claims for SEC designated work sites.

- Tax-free awards

- $150,000 to $400,000
- No fee unless award paid
- If award paid, fee is 2%
- No hidden fees

- No surprises

The AtomicWorkers™ Advocacy Group

We specialize in securing awards for workers meeting these conditions:

If the above describes you the worker or a direct survivor, you may be eligible for lump sum, tax free, compensation of $150,000 to $400,000.  Direct survivors include spouse, children (natural, step or adopted) and grandchildren.

Additional services we provide:

  • New Claims for medical conditions attributable to exposures/work conditions
  • Prior Denials - Review prior claim and advise on how to win
  • Prior Approvals - Addition of new and consequential medical conditions
  • Impairment/Wage Loss - Maximize your benefits under Part E

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Who are The AtomicWorkers™ Advocacy Group?    

  • We are EEOICPA Advocates; 1,800+ paid claims
  • We take care of the bureaucracy so you don’t have to!
  • We are not attorneys or government employees; not a law suit!
  • We are not affiliated with government agencies or volunteer groups.
  • Your prior claim denied?  Let us review and offer our advice!

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